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About us

2009 has been a very important year for the development of Paper Clay Art because there have been many art professionals and education experts around the world enthusiastically jumping into this field. Over the past few years, there have been a variety of promotions held across different cultural territories, involving a lot of experience and idea exchanges. Owing to the increased communication and cultural exchanges, Paper Clay Art has evolved greatly and Paper Clay works have shown different features and characteristics. In Europe and the Western countries, due to their education focusing more on creativity and originality, handcrafts easily express their own unique style. In Eastern countries, where the core of education stresses more heritage and continuity, the works generally demonstrate their quality and details, while also conveying the concept of balance. Both East and West have provided great contributions to the subject.

Because of this stimulating artistic diversity between East and West, we team members from Australia , Japan , Israel , Mainland China , Taiwan , Malaysia and The Philippines would like to conduct more research and studies to expand an even broader scope of application of the art and to design more tailored and interesting courses. Thus, in order to populate and promote the discipline with continuity and formality, we founded the International HBT Paper Clay Organization.

The establishment of the HBT Paper Clay Organization is just a starting point. In order to trigger more creativity and to convey the education philosophy of the Paper Clay Art to more people, we have organized a series of activities in different areas. These are for people from different regions to help them understand not only the various cultural approaches to Paper Clay art, but also the different characteristics and possibilities of Paper Clay itself. Additionally, HBT Paper Clay Organization wishes to facilitate the partners in these regions to understand how to adapt to local culture and education. We understand that qualified instructors are the key factor to popularize this art subject. Consequently, a series of certification programs for potential tutors is planned. After passing the programs, an official certificate will be issued and the seed lecturer will be able to deliver the necessary skills and knowledge to learners. The more sharing activities and programs there are, the greater diversity of creative spark there will be.

Should you be interested in this fantastic field and like to receive more information, please feel free to contact us anytime. The HBT Paper Clay Organization will provide the related references and information upon your request. Welcome to the promising world of Paper Clay.